What kind of gymnastics activities should I do to get a flat stomach?

Many people have always wanted to have a very flat stomach. Therefore, many people wonder what exercises to do to get a flat stomach. One of the most important exercises for a flat stomach is sport in general and gymnastics in particular. But what kind of exercises should you do to get a flat stomach?


It is inconceivable to want a flat stomach and not like abs. It is simply an aberration, an absurdity. Abs allow you to work your muscles. There are several types of abs: hypopressive abs, portfolio abs and many others. Hypopressive abs consist of lying on your back with your arms at your sides, knees bent at hip width and feet parallel to each other.

Once in this position, you take a deep breath in, inflating your belly, then exhale by pulling your belly in as if your navel was being sucked up by the ground, and finally, you block your breathing. The abdomen portfolio also consists of lying on the floor, arms and legs stretched. Afterwards, you raise your limbs towards the sky so that your hands touch your feet. Finally, you return to your original position while relaxing.


These are also gymnastic activities that involve the muscles. We distinguish between the single plank and the side plank. In the single plank, you lie down facing the floor, supported by your elbows (below your shoulders) and your toes, and make sure your pelvis is aligned. In this position, you try to touch your shoulders one after the other, bring your arms up and down on your elbows. The side plank also involves lying on your left side and lifting your upper body up on your forearm and the edge of your foot. In this position, you can use your unoccupied arm to do all the movements.